Back in the Air

Charlie Mike Flew again yesterday! I have a loaner mag and a new spinner. Whew! That was a LOT of work!

Flash (Gordon) working on the spinner

Thank goodness for Flash and Sandy!

Now, I’m basking below the peaks of the Eastern Sierra. Last night, I camped out at the Lone Pine Airport, a place Scott and I discussed flying to many times. I rode my bike up toward Whitney Portal and checked out Alabama hills on the way.

This morning, on to Kern Valley to meet up with some burners. After that, Vegas to see my full BM team. Feels so good to be a pilot again!

Just an oil change

Finally made it to Alpine Aviation in Nevada City for my oil change. Flash is the BEST! I pulled in and we got right to work. The first thing was a big soapy bucket of wash water to try to get the final layer (ha ha) of playa dust off the plane.

Then, we went to work on the oil change, (which Flash calls the “50 hour”). We found a cracked nose cone – ugh problem #1, but fixable after some sleuthing on Murphy Builder’s Site.

Once the oil was changed, we did an engine test….and I had no right magneto. Upon another hour (or so) of testing, with the manufacturer on the phone, we determined my Right Magneto is dead. WFT! It’s brand new!

So, what did we do? We went mountain biking, hot tubbing, and hiking!

What a great weekend! We will get back to work first thing Monday morning and in the meantime great time enjoying the Sierra’s with Gordon and Sandy.

We “Let ‘er Buck!”

Ross. Me. Cindy, and Jerry

The Pendleton Round Up has always been a special memory for me. It was an annual trip when Cindy and I were kids. We joined our cousins, aunts and uncle’s for a great time.

Dancing on Main Street

This was literally Jerry’s first Rodeo, and Cindy, Ross (our cousin and local guide) had a blast! We Rodeo’d, danced, shopped, and kicked up our cowboy boots!

A pheasant farm outside of Pendleton
Cowboy Breakfast
Draft horse carriage ride

What a blast!! Thanks to Ross for hosting us and spending so much time with us! We will definitely be back again.

Stuck in smoke

I’m stuck in the smoke in Truckee. I’ve been trying to fly west or north for three days. No luck. I took off yesterday morning, only to turn back to the airport after only four miles of flying. Yikes. It was scary.

There are mountains out there…..

My fingers are crossed that the smoke will have subsided by next week.

When flying VFR, it pays to have a plan A, B, C and D. I have executed A and B without success. First plan was to go to Grass Valley to get my oil changed–no-go. Then, I thought, I would just get out and go north. That was my short flight yesterday. – Another no-go.

Now, I am on to plan C. Rent a car and drive. Since my plan was to go to Pendleton, meet up with Cindy and Jerry and then head back south, this makes sense. Summer Lake Hot Springs are on the way, at about the halfway point. One of my favorite places in central Oregon! Here I come!

Summer Lake Hot Springs

I will drive to Pendleton for the Round-up, then drive back to Truckee. Once back to Truckee, I will pick up the plane and resume my plan. I’ll first go to Grass Valley and get the oil changed. Then I’m off to places South.

Flying VFR is rarely the fastest, but it’s sure the most fun!!!

Made it out!!

How was Burningman? In a word, dusty! Overall, it was a huge success – especially at our 88NV special airport.

The art was inspiring, the music was great and most of all my team was beyond amazing. We all received compliment after compliment about how well the airport was run, how fun it was, how organized we were, and how much everyone loved our ATC staff. Wow!! We did it. We are all proud.

Now we do the debrief. I can’t wait to see my team again. Of course, there are things we can do better next time. I’m out, and the team will continue on our fun, appreciative, loving trajectory. 💕