Playa fun and storms

It has been hot, with rain and windy. Looks like we might be past that weather now.

Regardless, we are building an airport. It’s SO fun! The crews are great and everyone is taking such great care of us. I’m just going to load a bunch of photos. They say it all.

After the storm
A new cell rolling through

The runways are in

The 88NV, Black Rock City, Burningman airport began rising from the dust this weekend.

We surveyed, pounded lath, threw cones and had a lot of laughs! What an amazing crew!! By 3pm on Sunday we had built two 6000’ long x 75 feet wide runways plus a 4000’ long x 40’ wide runway.

As icing on the cake, Saturday night we were dazzled by the Persed meteor showers and later a full moon.

Tomorrow morning I get to land on our new runway!! I can’t wait!

Saved the Bumpy for last

I made it to Reno this afternoon! Wow, does that feel great. Purple Haze is letting me camp out in his hangar this week before I head to the playa to set up the runways.

Lander Wyoming was awesome! It’s so pretty, and the wind river range is a treasure. I went for a bike ride up Sinks Canyon, then, the next day ran a trail to beautiful waterfalls, finishing off with a 50 something mile loop through the south range.

On to Utah. I like Logan. It’s in the hills and has bike and running trails everywhere. I went for a ride up Logan canyon hoping to hike to Wind Caves, but I ran out of time. It was a fun ride. Mostly on gravel with my trek. LOL.

And then the rain came.

Rain, Rain and more Rain

And then the fog. Ready to go at 6:00am…..wheels up at 10:10am.

Near the Great Salt Lake

That meant I was going to be flying in hot, in wind, and it was bumpy!!

Yet, I made it!

Leaving Oshkosh

What a blast!

So much to learn, do, and experience at Oshkosh! There is just too much to list. I had a great time, made some new friends, and really did learn a lot.

Ephraim and Justin showed up and we had a great time hanging out together. What a treat to spend time with them!

I decided to fly out on Sunday morning. It was calm, and the weather was great.

The first stop was in Minnesota at Albert Lea. Now, I am in Hot Springs SD. I find that I love this part of the world. South Dakota has many beautiful places and this is definitely one of them.

I’m just chilling in a cabin (with a bed!) for a couple of days before I head further west. Next stop is Lander, Wyoming.