Saved the Bumpy for last

I made it to Reno this afternoon! Wow, does that feel great. Purple Haze is letting me camp out in his hangar this week before I head to the playa to set up the runways.

Lander Wyoming was awesome! It’s so pretty, and the wind river range is a treasure. I went for a bike ride up Sinks Canyon, then, the next day ran a trail to beautiful waterfalls, finishing off with a 50 something mile loop through the south range.

On to Utah. I like Logan. It’s in the hills and has bike and running trails everywhere. I went for a ride up Logan canyon hoping to hike to Wind Caves, but I ran out of time. It was a fun ride. Mostly on gravel with my trek. LOL.

And then the rain came.

Rain, Rain and more Rain

And then the fog. Ready to go at 6:00am…..wheels up at 10:10am.

Near the Great Salt Lake

That meant I was going to be flying in hot, in wind, and it was bumpy!!

Yet, I made it!

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