Tomorrow Mexico!!

Finally! Yes, I am going to cross the border tomorrow. I have my tourist visa, my Mexican Auto insurance.

Sunset at the Olive Farm

I’m meeting up with David and Leea to caravan down the Baja Peninsula. I’m relieved to be traveling with buddies!

I have been staying at free camping sites for the past six nights. Showers have been a dunk in the Pacific. Tonight I am going to stay in an RV park with a lake, pool, fitness center, and all the “luxuries” including a real shower!

View from my front window in La Jolla Ca

The beach was fun and CROWDED! I think southern California has too many people for me.

I escaped into the BLM lands between San Diego and Calixeco, not far from the start of The Pacific Crest Trail. The mountains climbed over 4000′ in elevation. I found the area stunningly beautiful!

Cool rock formations everywhere

Westie and Windmills

Today, I get to learn all about olives, olive oil and what it takes to be a farmer at the border. OH! The border wall is horrifying!

The Mexico/USA border Wall

It feels like it’s been a long journey to get to the border. I pointed it south on Nov 4. I’m finally here and tomorrow, over I go. I have no idea how long I will be there. I might be back before the snow melts…..we’ll see!

Border to Border

I left from Sumas, WA which is on the Canadian border. This week I landed 6 miles from the Mexico border, outside of San Diego. That’s pretty much border to border!

camping near the border

The ride from San Francisco to San Diego was fun, beautiful, interesting, and frustrating!

I got to see my river sister (Lisa) in Santa Cruz. Lisa, Matt, and I shared a boat on the Grand Canyon eariler this year. They are fabulous people, whom I feel so lucky to call my friends. They are both pilots, ski, bike, hike……you get the idea. They are just plain COOL!

My river sister Lisa (and brother Matt) in Santa Cruz

Then, onward down Hwy 1. Wow, it’s just stunning! Hard to imagine the humanity that awaits near LA while traveling this coastal route. It’s meandering, quiet, and beautiful.

Big Sur
Big Sur South

I did stop a lot to take in the beauty.

And, of course there is wildlife. These big fatties were fun to watch as they rolled, flopped, and flipped in the sand.

Look at that face!

Then, I was in stop-and-go traffic for nearly 75 miles through LA – on a Sunday, at noon. Ugh. How do people do that regularly!!??

Then, San Diego. What a nice clean, beautiful city! I really like this place. Not too big, not too small, not too many homeless folks. I found a cute boutique hotel to stay in while a few last items are being done to my van.

I am hedging my bet for no breakdowns in Mexico. (fingers crossed) The shop here has been beyond great. Jose only works on VW’s, has done so for 30 years, and owns two VW’s himself. How fortunate to find him!

Opera house

For Thanksgiving, I will be Boondocking near the beach. I plan to do a 5K in Balboa Park and then hit the water for some SUP’ing. Not too shabby. I have some more mail to scoop up before I head to “Calixeco” to cross the border with David and Leea on the 30th. They have been kind enough to let me caravan down the Baja Penninsula with them.

Almost to Mexico! Just a few more days. Y’all have a great Turkey Day! I’ll be thinking of how thankful I am for you!

Another trip around the sun

Birthdays are fun. I feel like it’s a personal holiday where you get to indulge in something that makes you happy.

I spent Wednesday riding my bike through San Francisco and out to Baker Beach—birth place of Burningman.

Baker Beach

All that sunshine sure felt great!! The bike lanes and closed streets didn’t hurt a bit either.

I’m now on my next spin around the sun. Always an adventure to see what this life of mine will bring.

On the road

I’m a bit behind on my travels. I’ll just point out the highlights.

My fleet

I started heading south on Dec 4. I made it to Seattle, Issaquah and then, finally Maryhill, WA.

Next, was The painted Desert. Go there, it’s stunning!

Painted Desert
Painted Desert

I was hoping to go to Alvord Hot Springs, but the car started missing, so instead, I spent that night at a Truck Stop in Klamath Falls.

Onward to Reno, but not without a stop at Sierra Hot Springs. I got my springs!

Sierra Hotsprings Airport

While in Reno, I worked, visited the Burningman office, and fly ranch. Audrey let me stay with her for the full week and we then carpooled together to the Bay Area.

88NV tower is intact
Daily running route in Reno

I dropped her at a retreat and headed to Alameda where I parked my van in front of my burner friend’s house-built in 1889. What a cool, beautiful, warm, safe, neighborhood.

Alameda marina
Hanging out on the beach in Alameda

This week, I’m having new bumpers installed on my van. While they are at it, I’m also having them check out the car more generally. Just hedging my bet before crossing the border.