Tomorrow Mexico!!

Finally! Yes, I am going to cross the border tomorrow. I have my tourist visa, my Mexican Auto insurance.

Sunset at the Olive Farm

I’m meeting up with David and Leea to caravan down the Baja Peninsula. I’m relieved to be traveling with buddies!

I have been staying at free camping sites for the past six nights. Showers have been a dunk in the Pacific. Tonight I am going to stay in an RV park with a lake, pool, fitness center, and all the “luxuries” including a real shower!

View from my front window in La Jolla Ca

The beach was fun and CROWDED! I think southern California has too many people for me.

I escaped into the BLM lands between San Diego and Calixeco, not far from the start of The Pacific Crest Trail. The mountains climbed over 4000′ in elevation. I found the area stunningly beautiful!

Cool rock formations everywhere

Westie and Windmills

Today, I get to learn all about olives, olive oil and what it takes to be a farmer at the border. OH! The border wall is horrifying!

The Mexico/USA border Wall

It feels like it’s been a long journey to get to the border. I pointed it south on Nov 4. I’m finally here and tomorrow, over I go. I have no idea how long I will be there. I might be back before the snow melts…..we’ll see!

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