On the road

I’m a bit behind on my travels. I’ll just point out the highlights.

My fleet

I started heading south on Dec 4. I made it to Seattle, Issaquah and then, finally Maryhill, WA.

Next, was The painted Desert. Go there, it’s stunning!

Painted Desert
Painted Desert

I was hoping to go to Alvord Hot Springs, but the car started missing, so instead, I spent that night at a Truck Stop in Klamath Falls.

Onward to Reno, but not without a stop at Sierra Hot Springs. I got my springs!

Sierra Hotsprings Airport

While in Reno, I worked, visited the Burningman office, and fly ranch. Audrey let me stay with her for the full week and we then carpooled together to the Bay Area.

88NV tower is intact
Daily running route in Reno

I dropped her at a retreat and headed to Alameda where I parked my van in front of my burner friend’s house-built in 1889. What a cool, beautiful, warm, safe, neighborhood.

Alameda marina
Hanging out on the beach in Alameda

This week, I’m having new bumpers installed on my van. While they are at it, I’m also having them check out the car more generally. Just hedging my bet before crossing the border.

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