I’m out of quarantine! Whoot! Being alone, not going to any stores, and hanging out with just me for a week was both lovely and excruciating.

Goat Peak

I had time to trail run, hike in snow, bicycle, lift weights, knit, and hang out in the hot tub. I could not have been in a more lovely place.

Thank you LYNN, ERIC and LISA!!

Wolf Creek Trail

While I was sequestered; Charlie Mike’s engine made it to Canada, thanks to Ephraim. I basically ran out on him two days before the trucking company was set to pick it up. Ephraim packed it up for me, met the truck, and made sure it was loaded. He also found a place for CM to ride out the winter.

Charlie Mike’s home for the winter

Aero Sport Power send me an email this week asking for a decision. I get to choose the color they will paint the engine. How funny! They have several shades of black/grey and also red, yellow, and blue. Help me decide!

My plan is to get my Westie packed up by Thursday for a Friday morning depature to Baja.

First stop is Reno, to do some work with Burningman.

Second stop is Oakland to pick up some heavy-duty bumpers and have them installed on Westie.

Third Stop is TBD!

Let the next adventure begin!

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