Cozy with Covid

I had to get a covid test for a medical procedure. Seemed simple enough, and I thought nothing of it…..until I got the result. Which was positive! What!!?? I’ve had three vaccinations!

Being in town, I had stacked up Dr appts, which I had to cancel immediately. I was also supposed to house and dog sit – for my sister, which was out. The procedure was off too. Ugh.

I called my rhumatologist to ask him what to do. He said I had two options: ride it out and hope for the best, or go to an emergency room and get monoclonal antibody treatment. I went for the latter. No need to play with this virus that has killed so many.

Getting infused with monoclonal antibodies.

Next, I had to find a place to quarantine. Staying with my 85 year old father was out, my house was rented, my westie is still in the shop……

My friend Lynn, always a life saver, offered her house for the following Monday through Friday. She lives on the Methow River, has a hot tub, and is a place I feel “at home”. Thank goodness for Lynn.

Solo trail running

I found a hotel room in Winthrop, where I could stay the three nights until Lynn’s house opened up. Is that cool? If you have covid, can you check into a hotel?

Then Lynn offered to ask another friend if I could stay at her house while she is away. She said yes. A much better option. It’s always nice to have a kitchen and I just don’t want to be a covid spreader.

Fall in the valley

In the end, I am living in pure luxury, in a beatiful home, overlooking the Methow Valley. There are trails, fall colors, and plenty of space to be alone. I have no symptoms, so long runs on vacant trails keeps me entertained.

Beautiful home

My hope is that I can be this helpful and generous for someone else someday. Feel free to hit me up. I would love to pay this generosity forward.

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