Dusty Fun

High Sierra Fly-in soared above my expectations. I left Seattle on Monday to be sure I didn’t get stuck because of weather. First stop was Hood River.

Mount Adams

Along the way, I stopped in The Dalles and saw Andy, a rafter on my trip down the Colorado. Then on Bend to pick up Alyssa, my companion for the event.

Alyssa future pilot and STOL drag racer.

Flying from Seattle to Dead Cow (location of High Sierra) was uneventful – always a good thing.

Our Camp

As soon as we arrrived, we set up our camp, then began strolling. Within fifteen minutes, I had run into Purple Haze, a Burner I have known since I first arrived on the scene at Burningman. He was wearing a coyote jacket, riding a “playa bike” (so sorry I don’t have a photo). We knew immediately, that we were in for a thrilling weekend.

STOL race
Steve and Toby in the finals (Steve is yellow)
The final race Steve is on the left

We were there to watch the STOL Drag races, but got so, so much more. Every night, there was a bon fire where people gathered. This was the “town square” and we met SO MANY people there each night. We met Cathy and Nat – the only two female racers; and we met Steve Henry – the legend who has won the event many times. We mostly met other attendees, who will be our friends from here forward.

Alyssa tearing it up on the dance-dust with Steve Henry

The races were so fun and even more so after meeting racers at the bonfire. We rooted for Cathy and Nat – the female racers, and even got those around us rooting for them too.

In the end, Steve and Nat came in second in their class. Not bad at all.

What a fun, fun time in the desert! Another event I won’t want to miss – ever! My plan is to take the training and race next year. I have my helmet, the plane will have a new engine, and I will be off to the races!

Before final departure

One thought on “Dusty Fun

  1. O M Gawd!!! How awesome. You’d be a gnarley, fearless racer! I can’t wait to read about you in next year’s event!
    love you butt-loads, -Halvy-


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