Just an oil change

Finally made it to Alpine Aviation in Nevada City for my oil change. Flash is the BEST! I pulled in and we got right to work. The first thing was a big soapy bucket of wash water to try to get the final layer (ha ha) of playa dust off the plane.

Then, we went to work on the oil change, (which Flash calls the “50 hour”). We found a cracked nose cone – ugh problem #1, but fixable after some sleuthing on Murphy Builder’s Site.

Once the oil was changed, we did an engine test….and I had no right magneto. Upon another hour (or so) of testing, with the manufacturer on the phone, we determined my Right Magneto is dead. WFT! It’s brand new!

So, what did we do? We went mountain biking, hot tubbing, and hiking!

What a great weekend! We will get back to work first thing Monday morning and in the meantime great time enjoying the Sierra’s with Gordon and Sandy.

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