Back in the Air

Charlie Mike Flew again yesterday! I have a loaner mag and a new spinner. Whew! That was a LOT of work!

Flash (Gordon) working on the spinner

Thank goodness for Flash and Sandy!

Now, I’m basking below the peaks of the Eastern Sierra. Last night, I camped out at the Lone Pine Airport, a place Scott and I discussed flying to many times. I rode my bike up toward Whitney Portal and checked out Alabama hills on the way.

This morning, on to Kern Valley to meet up with some burners. After that, Vegas to see my full BM team. Feels so good to be a pilot again!

One thought on “Back in the Air

  1. What a great ride! Alabama Hills have been the location site of so many, many, many Hollywood films.
    Kern Valley airstrip has a groovy little campground right next to the river. Enjoy the hell out of that!


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