Kern Valley Fly in

At Burningman Alex (my 88NV airport manager predecesor) and I talked about connecting at Chicken Strip in Death Valley shortly after the event.

Unfortunately, chicken strip is closed because of flooding.

When I reached out, Alex was on his way to Kern Valley for a fly-in, so I said “see you there”!! Never mind the magneto problems I was having……

Jackie, me and Alex

I arrived in the morning and met Anthony. The organizer of the event and his SO Shannon.

Shannon and Anthony
The airports

The plan was to fly out to backcountry airports. I was nervous, so Alex let me fly with him. Wow!!! We made it to amazingly beautiful places in the high Sierra!!

Monache meadows

We landed at three of the airports on the map and then headed back to Kern Valley.

The evening ended with an outdoor aviation movie. What fun with great people. I’m so fortunate to have, and to get to make, new great, friends!

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