Lessons on the road

My magnetos got wet and died. Not both at the same time, but rather one at a time.

Several people came to my rescue: Flash, Rick, Joe, and Don. Of course, Ephraim made himself available whenever I called.

People can be so nice. It’s really amazing, and something we need to remember when we read the news, view the headlines, and focus on what is wrong.

People are good, they are kind, and they most often, want to help you.

When I took off from Inyokern, after getting fuel, something was DEFINITELY wrong. The engine choked, coughed, and lost power. I landed.

Joe – who was out on a Saturday with a shiny B29 event, had other things to do, but he took time to call Don an A/P and I/A to help me. Don arrived in minutes.

B29 Inyokern

We worked through a bunch of tests, and finally decided the mag was toast. I rented a car and drove to my retreat in Vegas, leaving 243CM with Don.

Vegas Retreat – on a break

When I got back, my airplane was fixed. Stephanie (Don’s wife and business partner) and Don shuttled me between the car rental and the airport and even took me to the post office to return the dead mag (I can’t believe I don’t have even one photo of them). They were sweet, helpful, and so so reasonable.

It’s easy to make new friends when we can focus on what we can accomplish together, rather than on what separates us. How easy it is to forget that when we don’t need any help.

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