Flying with CC

As a private pilot, you get your license, and then, the training required is a bi-annual flight review. That means you are only required to get training once every two years, and it tends to be a basic review. It’s not enough, at least not for me.

At Oshkosh, I went to a presentation by the STOL-DRAG folks and got inspired to pursue training for off-airport and backcountry flying.

Fast forward to last Monday. I flew to Cal-Nev-Ari in 243CM and wow! Did I learn A LOT.

We established the real envelope of the airplane, which required going up in the plane and doing many exercises and tests. The syllabus is his book (which he is re-writing, so wait to buy it).

Then I learned precision flying and landing. I consistently landed “on the spot” and in under 500’.

Next, we went to the mountains to practice.

My wish is that the class is twice as long: a week to learn and then another week with CC to practice.

He’s a one-man show; accomplished, awarded, and revered. He has the awards and certificates to prove it. I called him the “airplane whisperer”. He’s fascinatingly educated and experienced in flying. He plays by his own rules but he works closely with EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assoc.), AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc), and FAA (Federal Aviation Assoc) on everything he does. When you complete his course, you get a log book entry, a certificate and FAA wings credit.

But wait, there is more: you stay at his house (for a fee), you park your plane in his driveway, you fly from his runway, and if you wish, you can swim in his pool, soak in his hot tub, and sweat in his sauna.

He also cooks for you, and, no surprise, he’s a great cook. (Last night we had grilled salmon, sweet potato and a tossed salad – yum). Graduation dinner!

What? Joe, the neighbor, looks on.

If he finds something on your airplane that he thinks can be improved, he fixes it right then and there!

Fixing the aileron problem

I spent time learning from the best. I can’t wait to go back for more. Oh! if you want to take some flying lessons for sure check out CC.

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