Made it out!!

How was Burningman? In a word, dusty! Overall, it was a huge success – especially at our 88NV special airport.

The art was inspiring, the music was great and most of all my team was beyond amazing. We all received compliment after compliment about how well the airport was run, how fun it was, how organized we were, and how much everyone loved our ATC staff. Wow!! We did it. We are all proud.

Now we do the debrief. I can’t wait to see my team again. Of course, there are things we can do better next time. I’m out, and the team will continue on our fun, appreciative, loving trajectory. 💕

One thought on “Made it out!!

  1. Fantastic!! Congratulations. What a year to become airport manager.: first year back from Covid, first year with official FAA Air Traffic Control, first year with many implemented ideas (indeed improvements) from Team Tumbleweed…

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