Goodby to Janet

The first time I met Janet, I was in Brevard NC to skydive, with Scott, into his 10-year high school reunion.

Brevard HS reunion

A few years later, I was back in Brevard to marry her youngest son. She made our wedding happen for us.

The first time I met Bob and Janet

She did all the heavy lifting: from choosing the tablecloths to finding a baker willing to make a wedding carrot cake (no small feat in Appalachia in 1988.)

She stayed in my life after Scott’s death. Emailing, texting and calling me to remain current with my life.

Hurricane ridge in the 90’s

This last month has been a difficult one for her, in and out of the hospital, and finally hospice and her passing.

She had a great life full of love. She birthed and raised the person I loved most in the world. I am grateful to her for so many reasons. I believe she thought she would rejoin her son in her afterlife. I hope, for her sake, that is true. 💕

3 thoughts on “Goodby to Janet

  1. Christi, what a tribute to one amazing great lady. She helped me beyond belief when as a new bride, I could not cook, clean, iron or wash. I always said she was my second Mom. She said, I was the sister she never had. We laughed, we cried, we complained and we loved each other. Love you for doing this. Molly T

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