Hiking a mountain with a first-time hiker

I have been up spirit mountain several times. It overlooks Cal-Nev-Ari and I’m pretty sure no one in town has never climbed this peak.

CC really wanted to join me for a climb, so off we went – along with Kat- one of CC’s good friends.

He had never hiked anything in his life. This was a big bite……I kept saying “this is going to kick your ass” and he was all-in.

Kat has been hiking 3 days per week since March 2022, and I have been biking 10 miles to the trail-head, climbing and then biking back. CC was in tough company.

Yet, he summited!!! With sheer determination and a lot of swear words!! He made it to the top!

I was blown away. Approximate 3000’ elevation gain and loose, often unsure rocky footing, CC gritted it out. The story of his life.

I felt bad for putting him through the torture, but he’s already bragging about his accomplishment.

An amazing human. Go CC!!! The only resident of Cal-NevAri to ever scale the mountain that overlooks his town.

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