Alex and The Chicken Strip

Alex came to visit! What fun. He flew his shiny, new “Pistachio” (Kodiak) to Cal Nev Ari.

We had great food, lots of music, and dancing in CC’s new “nightclub” living room.

The next morning all of us climbed into the Kodiak and headed to Death Valley to experience Chicken Strip! A place I have wanted to go to for a long time.

Alex and CC doing flight testing

The runway appears to be about 2000′ long and the gravel is in good shape thanks to RAF and their support of this very special place!

The hot springs are luscious! There are several pools, a tub, a plunge pool, and places to stretch out and play in the shade.

From Chicken Strip, we flew to Lone Pine for fuel. When there was no Jet A we went on to Bishop, then back to Cal Nev Ari.

What a treat to see Alex, fly in his new airplane, and get to enjoy a magical place in the desert with two of my favorite people!

Thank you Alex!!

3 thoughts on “Alex and The Chicken Strip

  1. Christi! This awesome πŸ‘. Glad you finally made it there ! Isn’t it cool 😎. Your friends plane is sweet !!
    Love you 😘

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