A mountain for the first day of year 62

A mountain climb! From CC’s house, you can see Spirit Mountain, and I really wanted to get up there!

I had a very tough time finding any information on this hike. Apparently, not a lot of people do it. I was determined. I finally found a photo of a route. Good enough for me.

CC let me take his Hummer to the trailhead – he had work to do and doesn’t like heights……

The trail leaves from a dirt road called “Christmas Tree Pass”. From the car, there really was no trail. I kept going in the general direction my map photo was leading and found some cairns. Turns out, there were cairns the entire way up. The route was easy after all.

The trail was rough and steep in a few places, and toward the top, eased off and was a joy. The summit was a bit windy, so I bundled up.

The entire trip was 4 miles, and 2,166 feet elevation gain. The perfect first day of my 62nd year!

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