Westie is a super star

I left Issaquah with snow on the ground and taking my Dads advice headed south down I5.

The Siskiyou pass was the only gnarly section. My synchro proved to be valuable as I passed semi’s going up hill-yet very slowly.

I wanted to take a photo, but couldn’t let go of the steering wheel long enough. Fog, heavy snow and dimming light made for serious focus.

I made it to Red Bluff on day one. Hooray Westie!! My hero!!

Day two was super boring going through strip-mall town after strip-mall town. Ugh.

Then….a ghost town with a campground. Sweet!! Calico ghost town. Mines were everywhere, and a nice surprise at the top of the hill I ran up.

Calico ghost town

On to Cal Nev Ari. I ended up driving through Nipton!!!! So beautiful and funky there!


Then, Cal Nev Ari and CC’s place.

CC in the kitchen

Tomorrow: on to Cha Chas’s in New Mexico.

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