Birthday #62

Aren’t birthdays fun? I know many who dread them and focus on the getting older part of birthdays. That’s not for me! It’s a one-way age street, no matter what, so might as well enjoy the ride. Birthdays are really a private holiday just for you.

Mine, this year, was super fun. After a morning run, CC and I went for a flight into the desert of Nevada in his Experimental 170B. It’s a big, heavy airplane compared to CM, I flew some……

Fueling up

Our first stop was route 66 on a section (mostly) closed to traffic. Two trucks rolled by, one stopped to see if we were ok. When we told him we were just out landing places and “getting our kicks, on Route 66” he laughed and said, “why wouldn’t you”!!

Next up: the town of Nipton, CA. We landed on a road next to the railroad tracks. A group of people watched and waved as we taxied up toward town. Nipton is an old railroad and stagecoach stop, the place is quaint and quiet. It was recently sold for $7.7 million Surprisingly, there was an area full of Burningman Art! One of the pieces I remember seeing on the playa.

Grocery Cart Burningman Art

After flying around, we returned to CC’s and spent the evening soaking in the hot tub and lazying by the fire. I’m now ready for another lap around the sun.

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