Raining on Charlie Mike

Ephraim is amazing. He helps me breathe new life into Charlie Mike, again and again.

Yesterday we changed the oil and replaced the old incandescent lights with LEDs.

Today, in the pouring rain, we worked on a fuel flow meter…..and read up on how to fix the “slop” in the aileron’s.

And in the middle of that, Ephraim wanted to go visit a potential customer. We ended up at a hangar estate sale for my Dad’s cousin- David Howy. We both bought a couple of items.

Ephraim opens a multitude of doors for me, Some familiar and others brand new. He is a very special person, and if the new customer we visited is at all smart, he will grab the “next available” (which, I think, is mid 2024) with Ephraim…..and be very lucky to get to work with him. I know I am, always.

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