The weather looking forward became concerning. I have appointments in early November that I do not want to miss.

High Sierra was the perfect end to my trip. Time to head home. It just felt right.

Without knowing how many days it would take me, I didn’t really mention to anyone my plans.

I flew Reno to The Dalles and enjoyed The Dalles overnight.

Then up to Yakima and Cle Elum. I could see the weather and smoke in Puget Sound were going to be a challenge. I powered on.

I punched out of Stampede Pass and went south, then west, then north, then finally east to Arlington. I needed to be able to see the ground, and I couldn’t see much else.


Ephraim was here to greet me when he heard my calls on the radio! How nice to have a warm welcome home for both me and Charlie Mike!!

4 thoughts on “Home

      • Yayie! It will be great to see you and hear all about your adventures! You’ve been having sooo much fun!! I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. 😉
        My brother & his partner (common law wife as he calls her) will be staying in the ADU 10/24 thru 10/30, but the upstairs guest room is available during that time and the ADU after, if you need a place to stay in Seattle. I think you’d like Steve & Billie.


  1. I know what you mean. If you can see the ground (or water, as the case may be) you can keep your shit together! Glad you’re safe Miss Tumbleweed!


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