Made it!!

From Reno to Seattle was as smooth as one could wish!

I soaked in the Hot Springs at Summer Lake. It’s funky, fun and the pools are the perfect temperature.

Looking toward summer lake

Onward in a northerly direction, it felt like a full circle to stop at Maryhill State Park for my last night of this trip. I stayed there my first night on my way south, so the circle was complete.

I wanted to ride my bike after driving for most of the day, so just took off from the park. Soon, I saw Stonehenge up on the hill. LOL. Scott and I had explored there many years ago. I rode up (and up, and up) from the river to the structure.

Stonehenge over the Columbia River with Mt Hood shining through

My last stop on this leg was the Yakima River Canyon. What a GREAT time of year to visit! Everything is green and flowers are bursting out everywhere. I couldn’t help stopping to shoot photos of flowers while I was running the trails at Umtanum.

Lupines and little yellow flowers

I would have been disappointed if the rain didn’t start to fall on my way over Snoqualmie pass. It was rain mixed with snow. I drove out of the rain as I rolled toward Puget Sound.

Westie went 14,000 miles without any problems! I do LOVE my Westie!

It’s great to be home!!

Now, what’s next?

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