Almost home

At least that’s how it feels. I’m just about to arrive in Reno for a burning man operations summit. Will be so helpful to meet many of the folks I will be, and have been, working with.

SO many miles! Since buying the car, I have added 13,000!!! Holy cow! Westie is rolling strong. I am in love!

In Truth or Consequences, NM I soaked in hot springs, had a massage, and camped in Elephant Butte State Park. It was packed (as all of the parks are these days), and the water level is about a mile from its high point. Drought is becoming a way of life.

Debby arrived in Albuquerque and after picking her up, we went to Santa Fe, then on to Cha Cha’s. Dru and Wendy (Debby’s brother and wife) met us there. What a blast! We hiked at Ghost Ranch, visited Taos, took in Meow Wolf (yawn) and before we knew it, the weekend was over.

Onward toward Reno for me! After dropping Debby back in Albuquerque, I stopped in Winslow Arizona for a few hour paddle with Thomas Kelly. Beautiful!!

Thomas Kelly post-paddle

From there, I drove to Death Valley. Whew! It was hot! 92 the first day and 99 the second. I went for a bike ride and the coolest hike near Furnace Creek. Again, tons of people, yet so little traffic. I really need to spend more time there next trip.

From Death Valley, I drove West toward the Sierra’s. I have never been to Lone Pine, Bishop or anywhere in that area. Wow! Just Wow! I loved it! For me, it became a hot springs tour, which was simply icing on the cake.

I’ll spend the weekend in Reno, then head north toward home. I hope to get to Alvord Hot Springs, then a stop in Pendleton, and finally Seattle. I’m excited to reach home, get some hugs, and check on Charlie Mike. Flying will be the next focus for me.

Funny that Reno feels close to home, but given how far I’ve traveled so far, I guess it makes sense!

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