Back in the US of A

It’s surprising how startling it is to be back in the USA. Someone asked me how it feels. I answered, “like everyone is in a hurry”.

Of course, there are more differences than that. Everyone here drives a new car. Houses are bigger, roads are smoother. Yet, I miss a lot about Mexico with its shitty cars and rough roads. I’ll be back, for sure. La Paz has my heart.

I’m picking Debby up at the Albuquerque airport on the 16th, so I have been cruising through California, Arizona, and New Mexico, trying to take in some sights.

I visited Saguaro NP, and went for a long run. I remember (maybe I remember the photos) visiting there when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I sure spent a lot of time with cactus in Mexico – mi amigos!

Cindy, Christi and Cathy 1960’s

Next, on to the caverns below Kartchner Caverns State Park. Wow, those caves are trippy!! I was lucky to get to go on the tour because someone canceled. Side note: The campground was totally full, so I camped in a parking lot, which they allowed.

Since I was so close to Bisbee, AZ I cruised through there too. Humm…..maybe if I had stayed longer I would “get” Bisbee. The town has done a great job keeping itself alive.

Onward into New Mexico! White Sands NP is such a joy!! WOW! I biked the loop that most people drive, and then I went for the 5-mile Alkali Flat Trail which was NOT flat. The dunes go up and down and most visitors (from Texas, mainly) were sledding.

Last night I stayed in the Organ Mountains, outside of Las Cruces, NM; mainly so I could watch the sunset and in the morning do a nice trail run to a saddle.

Today, I’m in Truth or Consequences NM enjoying the hot springs, beautiful Elephant Butte Campground, and a massage tomorrow! This place needs visitors to drop some money. I’m trying to do my part.

Two days until I pick up Debby. We will then descend upon Cha Cha and Linda for a few days. Dru and Wendy (Debby’s brother and wife) will be joining us there. I can’t wait to see a group of people I know and love! The very best part of being back stateside.

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