Friendly faces

Leaving my comfort zone in La Paz was a challenge. Knowing there were still beaches and towns I want to visit got me moving.

I headed East from La Paz to Playa Muertes, a beautiful, more or less deserted, white sandy beach. What a joy to spend a long weekend here! I ran, biked, and snorkeled. I finished reading a book. All the things that make a long weekend great!

From Playa Muertos I headed to La Ventana. I have a sweet campsite about 50 meters from the water. It’s quiet, beautiful, and as an extra gift, Lindsey, Peter, and Eleanor are here! What a joy to see familiar faces from home!

Pete, Lindsey and Eleanor

On a morning mountain bike ride (the trails are amazing) Kaley ran by!! Omg! What a great surprise! We chatted and then made a date to run the following morning. Another friend from home!! My heart is full.

Morning run with Kaley

I won’t be here long. This is a paradise for kiters and there are some sweet mountain bike trails. A paddle board ride awaits prior to departure.

I’ll be back in La Paz tomorrow thru the weekend, then off to the North on Monday!

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