Whales in every direction

A group of us ventured from La Paz to the Pacific for a day with whales. The group was a private one, all of us temporary residents of the Peace Hostel.

We set out at 6:30am, a van full of eager whale seekers.

Underway to Porto Chale

Porto Chale is sprinkled with a few homes, more boats, and several temporary structures hosting life jackets. It’s on a huge bay with mangroves, sand dunes, and views of enormous Isla Santa Margarita.

Soon, we were in the boat, cruising out into the bay. Before we knew it, we were watching grey whales breach, roll, jump and play. In every direction, there were whales. It was thrilling!

After we “played” with the whales for an hour or so, we then headed to the Island for lunch – ceviche! Yum! We ate, we swam, we hiked. It was lovely.

Once we were full, had our fill of our beach, we jumped back in the boat for the trip back to La Paz.


Wow, what a treat to get to see that many whales and spend a day with delightful friends. Yet another reason to love Baja!

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