Take Off

Time to head east, toward OshKosh Air Venture. I’m so thrilled to be up in the air in 243CM.

Thanks to Ephraim and all of his effort, work, and patience in getting the engine installed, tested, broken in, and running strong!

We changed the oil, fixed the grounding problem in the comm antennae, did a couple of test flights around the pattern in Arlington, and then, off I went!

East toward the Cascades Glacier Peak peeking through the clouds.

What a relief to finally launch! I had so much anxiety, worry, and stress about this trip really happening. Sleep was impossible the week prior to leaving. My feeling was that I was not going to pull it off and that I would need to make a different plan.

And then, takeoff. Charlie Mike was ready to go.

Flying through the mountains was a great confidence builder. Once reaching Stehekin, all tension, stress, and worry, faded away. The adventure to OshKosh begins!

Stehekin Airport under my wing

My destination: Winthrop (Methow Valley Airport). The weather closed in immediately after landing and is staying for a couple of days. A treat for me to hang out with my friends Lynn and Eric on the edge of the Methow River.

Great friends, good food, and more adventure ahead.

Life is great.

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