Living in a trailer in 18 degrees

This morning when I woke up it was 18 degrees outside. I was warm and cozy in the trailer. A little worried about everything freezing……but I think all is fine.

I was questioning my sanity in brining so much bedding, but this morning it all made perfect sense! I have an electric blanket, then a feather bed, next two sheets and on top of those, two down comforters. It’s rather heavenly, and rather pink!

I was determined to ski up the 49 Degrees North ski area today after being shut out yesterday. When I arrived in the parking lot it was 21 degrees. My Denali down parka was pretty hard to remove when it came time to head up.

The skin up was beautiful, though the “snow” was ice. I had to boot up the last section because it was so icy I kept falling, and of course my ski crampons were in the car……

The top was FAB!

Nice place to hang out at the top of the highest chair lift
The view East

The ride down was slow and on a cat track. That’s how bad the snow is up there. They need lots of new before I will go back, but what a great start to my Thursday!!

Now I am off to my new part-time job…..more about that tomorrow.

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