A Job While Retired?

Yes, I officially left the workforce on Jan 1, 2021. I re-joined on Jan 14, 2021. That was a very short retirement! My new job is helping out Ray – the guy overseeing the work on my airplane. His business is booming and he has a million small pieces of paper, with illegible notes scribbled on them, to keep track of what comes next. It’s no longer working….so we are setting up some systems. Poor Ray. This is painstaking for him. So many details! So many small pieces of paper! So much to fill in.

Today, we added up real numbers to determine his profit margin on his most popular products. The relief on his face when I told him the numbers made the past two days of data entry, price searching and list making all worth while.

The most important part of this new “job” is that it’s super flexible. When I was delayed finding a trailhead today, I just texted him and told him I would be about an hour and a half delayed. His reponse was the best “Ok, not much chance of you getting fired!”. Hilarious – and the only way to work, while retired.

I was able to find a trail head, which is not that easy in this area. I trail ran (and walked) up Quartizite Mountain. Straight up for a mile, then a bit easier for another half mile. I parked about a half mile or so from the trailhead to avoid the solid ice on the roadway and that gave me a bit more mileage. Amazing views from the top. I need to figure out how to get up some of the other peaks near by. A peak a day? So far I am 2/2.

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