The drive back

Yesterday, I left Winthrop and drove back to the trailer. It was so fun to ski and hang out with Lynn and Eric in their fabulous home on the river.

The drive was so fun! I decided to take a “low” route so that I was not driving in snow for four hours. This took me over Loup Loup (not low), through rolling wheat fields to Grand Coulee Dam.

Grand Coulee Dam

I received a call from my bank, and had to do some address change work that was not going well, so I stopped by the Electric City Airport to use their wifi. I love that place. Scott and I started camping there shortly after 243CM was flying, so around 2001. They now have an outhouse down by the campsite and they are wiring the pilots lounge with fiber. That area is growing! Houses have sprung up everywhere. It’s no longer a secret…..

Electric City runway and taxi-in campsite (the big tree is where you camp)

It was almost warm there (40 degrees) with no snow on the ground. Seemed like a great time to go for a trail run. At the GC Dam visitor overlook, there was a notice about a trail I had not run. So, I thought I should go there.

Hike to old homestead

It was beautiful! Running along an old road for awhile, then onto a trail through a swampish area, finally coming out to a big meadow with a house, and several outbuildings. Along the way you run under the high walls of coulees formed over the eons. It’s spectacular!

Steamboat Rock to the West

Back on the road, I went through Wilbur and remembered when Scott and I took Bob and Janet (his folks) there. I passed the Wilbur Motel where we stayed. I then meandered my way past the rolling wheat fields, The Columbia River, Lake Roosevelt, and then over a VERY foggy pass.

That four hour drive, per Google, took me about eight hours. LOL. Lot’s of stops, a run, and slow driving in the fog. I am surprised at how many people are moving to this side of the state. The times, they are a changin.

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