Phnom Penh

The surprise of Phnom Penh is the big, modern, busy city. Wow, I have been in slow motion, so this city is a bit overwhelming for me.

I’m staying on the 23rd floor of a high rise apartment building, a world away from my last guesthouse on Don Det, Laos.

for the Cambodian people.

Yesterday was informative, sad and hard. And so important. I toured the Choeung Ek killing fields and Security Prison 21. It’s the horrifying story of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge and how this one crazy man, in 3 years killed over 2 million of his own people. This was all happening during the time I was in high school.

The prison was where they interrogated men, women, and children. The killing fields are where they took them to finish them off and dump their bodies. I just couldn’t photograph all of the skulls (which they had on display, including explanations of how they were killed). It was devastating for the Cambodian people, both those who died and for those who survived.

There were survivors of the prison promoting their books at both locations. Amazing what the human spirit can endure. And how cruel humans can be.

Other than walking through the city, I spent the rest of my time at the pool on the roof of my apartment building, which is so nice. Especially with the temperature around 38/99 degrees.

Bankers walk to lunch
Motor bike with cargo
Roof top pool

I’m ready to leave the city for my next stop: Chiang Mai Thailand. I’m taking a cooking class, riding a motorcycle, and certifying in Thai Massage.

My final weeks are going to fly by.

They all do!!

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