Cambodia first impressions

My trip from Laos to Cambodia was smooth. The difference between the two countries’vibe was palpable.

Cambodia is so much easier! Most people speak English, they use the US dollar as their currency, and people are so friendly, helpful and kind.

People in Laos were not unkind, I think just more reserved. People in Cambodia so far have been warmer, and have humor. They’re fun and funny!

Siem Reap is a beautiful, modern and clean city. While here, I have joined a couple of group tours, and dropped in on an Exercise class at “Ankor Fitness” that kicked my butt.

“Floating Village” houses Kampong Phluk. (It’s the dry season now, so not floating now.)
Kampong Phluk spirit house
Sunset on (lake) Tonle Sap

The highlight of Siem Reap was sunrise at Ankor Wat. We left the hotel at 4:30am to experience the daily show. I signed up for a group mountain bike tour, which, ended up, being just me and my guide.

My trip to Cambodia was an after thought. I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto this amazing place in the world. I’m not seeing much of the country on this trip, and I know, for certain, I will be back!

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