Body and bike are back!

Yesterday was a travel day from Vieng Vang to Vientiane. The roads were patchy…..lots of gravel sections, which I feel I have now mastered. Thank you YouTube!!

Frauk saves the day!

I rolled straight to the repair shop recommended to me by Mad Monkey (my rental co). An hour and $30 later the bike is repaired, the dent is knocked out and I’m on my way. Whew!!!

I’m staying in the heart of the city in a lovely Airbnb apartment high above the street. I love it so much I’ve extended my stay another night. Being in a nation’s capital city deserves more than an afternoon.

How to decide?

And the food! I videoed my walk down the street in front of my apt. I just grabbed bites of deliciousness for dinner last night. Yummy! Can’t wait to do it again tonight.

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