Vang Vieng

Fairy tale land. Really. Green karst mountains to climb, blue lagoon pools to swim in and so much more.

I was back on two wheels, but human powered for me today. Yesterday I drove through a 6k road washout and wrecked. Hard. I bruised or cracked a rib and did a number on my pointer finger. The bike is also a bit messed up. I lost my left foot post. I’m still game to keep going. The bike rental folks were amazing, and so chill.

My two wheels for today

I’m sure the error was rider……the trucks on the route were being hauled up the section of road by a huge front loader-tractor. Yikes. I was WAY out of my league. Full moon…….is my explanation for that!

Back to the beauty and joy of this place. I rode a zero speed bike 20k on gravel and loved every minute. It’s just so beautiful here. I hiked, swam and caved my way along the route. It was fab!!

It feels so good to be in warm, sunny weather in a beautiful area. I feel very lucky to be living this life. I screw up, I get up, and I just keep going. What the hell else am I going to do?

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