My favorite things today

My ride today was lovely. I twisted and turned through rustic, old-world, villages. There was no commerce in any of them. Each had a sign that must explain the government programs protecting their culture.

I so wanted to stop and take a photo of a woman with a basket full of reeds on her back wearing a very traditional hat and skirt. I decided it would be intrusive, so I didn’t stop.

Trees were in full bloom all along my route today.

Here’s a little video where you can join me on my bike.

The view out of my Guesthouse window and door are stunning and quaint (less the smoke).

And my last favorite thing today: Sam sent me the photo below of a route he put up, (and which I was lucky to help with a belay). Sam decided to name the route “Murphy’s”, for Scott. I 💕 this so much.

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