Moving again

The cave was super cool. You get in a boat with a driver and a headlamp. The driver zooms you through the cave for 7km. Amazing. In places, it’s at least 5 stories high. In other places, it’s pitch dark and so shallow the boat scrapes bottom.

There are a few points where the boatman lets you off to explore on foot. A few photos follow.

Today, I headed north. My favorite moment of was meeting this adorable woman at a roadside food stand. She wanted me to buy one of everything! I asked if I could get a photo with her and she was so excited! She fixed her hair and straightened her skirt. She made my day!!

Best moment of the day

Tomorrow will be a very long, beautiful, ride, ending in the town with the The Plain of jars. My longest yet on the bike…250km. I admit, I love riding!!

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