Living in La Paz

The Peace Center is so cool. Ana, Pavel, and Zarza run the place. They are fun, positive, warm, hosts. Everyone loves them.

Ana (l), Pavel (C), Zarza (R)

Most of the time, the place is full. The only way to reach them is to come by and yell through the “gate” Hola!! Someone will come to greet you and give you the latest on availability.

Tres Westie’s

There is a group of french-speaking Candians staying currently. It’s fun to see how happy they are to be together here in Baja. There are definitely life-long friendships developing.

Last weekend, we had a really fun potluck, with everyone contributing.

Chef Tobias
Cooks in the (outdoor) kitchen
Circle up
Fellow burners

The ebb and flow are fun, as is meeting so many new people. Any time someone needs to “chill”, they just retreat to their van, close the door, and everyone knows to respect their privacy.

Living in La Paz is quiet, fun, and vibrant. How lucky I am to be here.

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