La Paz Triathlon training group

Last Saturday I was so lucky to be invited to train with the La Paz triathlon group!! My hosts Pável & Anna are members of the team and allowed me to invite myself to the workout.

We left Peace Center at 6:30am on our bikes. We rode about 5 k to the meeting location.

After we locked our bikes, stored our packs in another members car, and joined the warm up

Next, we ran about .75 miles to a dirt road. We then did 6 hill repeats, running up 2.5 min and down 3.5. Gut busting! And I loved it!!

We the. Ran back to the meeting place and changed into swim gear. Swimming in the bay is amazing!! Schools or rather walls of fish went by! We all stoped at several places to meet up, one was a rock with a huge pelican perched on top.

I got cold and turned back along with two others. When I reached the beach Anna and Emma were cheering me on!

I changed back into dry clothes and rode my bike back to the hostel.

What a great to get to hang out with the local athletes of La Paz! There is a race on Feb 12 that I hope to volunteer.

Can’t wait to do it again next Saturday.

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