I’m just giddy today!

Some days are so fun! I didn’t do anything special today, yet everything I did just tickled me!

Bert and Glenn in Cabo last Sunday

The day started with meeting Ivette, the owner of Habla Mexicano in Todos Santos. Apparently, she has not been getting my emails. Doesn’t matter! I am enrolled in an immersion class starting next Monday. Bueno! Oh, and the price was about 1/5 of what I was expecting. Muy Bueno!

The Todos Santos Hostel is turning out to be perfect! I do LOVE Pescadero Surf Club, with it’s quiet, older clientele, fresh well water, and pool. I will be back there in January.

The Hostel, though, is a medium distan Dds Dr. ce run or a short bike ride to several beaches, walking distance to town, has super fast internet (I am online in the Westie), and is much quieter than I expected. They are letting me stay one full month, at a discount. Score!

Todos Santos Hostel

Today, I rode out to Playa La Pastora, which is North of Todos Santos about 5 miles. The beach is sandy and there were maybe five other people as far as I could see.

Playa La Pastora

I perched on the steep sand, and watched whale after whale breech and blow. WOW! What a show!

On my way back from the beach, I stopped at a barber shop and had my hair removed. Ah! It feels so good to be light! The barber was very kind and, I think, had a great time working on my crazy hair!

Crazy hair

Living here is getting easy already. So far, I love it!

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