llegué Todos Santos! (I have arrived!)

It’s beautiful! I am watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, on the deck, at Pescadero Surf Camp just South of Todos Santos in Pescadero.

Pescadoro Surf Camp

Was a pretty grueling drive. We did about 7-8 hours each day for 3 full days to get here. David and Leea were SO MUCH FUN!

The way home will be much longer, with many more stops – for sure!

Beaches of the Gulf

Westy did fantastically! Zero problems or issues!

Moon over Westie

Now to settle in for the winter. I will go to town tomorrow and sign up for my Spanish course, which starts Monday. I will also figure out how to have full-time internet on the TelCel network. My work for tomorrow.

Desert Landscape

The boojum trees (also called ‘candle trees’) were everywhere. You can kind of see them….

Driving from Sumas to Todos Santos has been an adventure for sure! I’m not the best, or most confident “driver”. Driving is one of the things in life that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

I’m so glad I did it! I’m so happy to be here.

Sunset Pescadero

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