Catching up

I am so far behind… much has happened since I got back to the PNW. Here goes:

Surgery: Got my wrist fixed. I saw two surgeons eary in the week and had the surgery Friday. My wrist was 40 degrees out of alignment. Sheesh! All went well, but ouch!

Pink cast

Bought a new car: Yup. Goodby Ford (reliable, comfortable, sturdy) and hello 1987 Synchro Westie! My new home. I am delighted. It was a super great find and I am now tricking it out for an overland expedition to Central America.

My new westie!

Spanish: If I am going to drive to Panama, I had better speak at least some of the language. I am taking spanish via zoom five days per week. It’s awesome, I’m terrible, but I will get there. Part of my overland plan is to spend a month in Todos Santos in a language immersion class. Sweet!

Wedding: Sam and Melissa tied the knot. It was a magical event. I feel so lucky to have been able to share and even help with the planning and party.

Melissa, Sam, Cindy and Jerry (officiant)

Hiking: For the first time in a long time, I put on my backpack and went for an overnight trip. The PNW is beyond beautiful and experiencing a full weekend immersion in the backcountry is truly where I feel centered.

Lovely Mt Baker
North Cascades

Ok, you are all caught up. I am hanging out at Dad’s farm until I head back to Saint George Utah to pick up Charlie Mike.

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