If you want to get there quickly……

I left Ohkay Owingy (Cha Cha’s neighborhood airport) at daylight on Wednesday. Instead of flying back the way I arrived, I opted to take the more southern, scenic route.

Circling over Cha Cha’s house

My first stop was Paige AZ. Upon arrival, I pulled my bike out of the plane and rode straight to Lake Powell. What a treat! The water was was so warm!

Lake Powell

Next morning, I was up and out early, headed to Kanab. I’m so glad I went early, because by 10am the wind was blowing about 20 knots. Looking at weather from there to Reno: nothing but smoke, smoke and more smoke. Ugh. Flying in smoke is tough and I’m not willing to press the limit.

My solution was to leave my plane in Saint George Utah and fly home commercially. I booked a bus to Las Vegas and found a timely Southwest flight home.

Morning with Charlie Mike

First, though, I needed to get to Saint George from Kanab. I got up early to fly out before it got hot or windy, and wow, the smoke had rolled in over night. I had to circle up over the airport to altitude to make sure I cleared the highest point. I could see the ground and that was it. I would sure not want to fly all the way home in this.


I’m so glad for the decision I made. Charlie Mike is safely tied down and together we will wait out the smoke for a safe-and fun-trip home.

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