Back in the air

Charlie Mike is through the test flights and has now had two flights squak free. The joy of flying CM again is undescribable. What a SWEET airplane!

Better than ever, this was a makeover indeed! The new landing gear, the new tailwheel and all of the small changes have added up to an airplane Scott would be proud to call his own. I know he is smiling.

Now, I am on a roll upgrading the instruments. Nothing too fancy, but I’m putting in a new radio, a few new engine insturments and also a new transponder. Why not? While adding one, might as well add what’s needed to upgrade and be done with it.

There are a few paint items to do (you can see tape on the side, marking a stripe), and I am having the prop balanced. That will be done today.

As soon as the new instruments go in, I will be calling CM home. One bike, One SUP, a few clothes and some camping gear, and we head south. The first stop is a little “fly out” to celebrate the return to the air. Pilots: James, Jason, and Ash will be joining me in a trip to Alvord Hot Springs in Oregon. Join us!

What a journey it has been! Over a year full of tears, trucks, and tearing my hair out, CM is finally flying. There were many days I doubted this day would come. I am ever so grateful to have found Ephraim and for him to put the final caring touches in place. My joy is as boudless as the sky.

“I always believe that the sky is the beginning of the limit.”

—MC Hammer

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