A good week

Things get worse, and then, they get better. I stayed overnight in Seattle and had a backpack full of my favorite clothes and jewelry stolen. Ugh. Meaningless to the person(s) who stole, and quite meaningful to me. Another painful lesson. One we all know, yet sometimes forget.

Attending Taylor and Allyssa’s wedding was a joy. Hanging out with Dru and Wendy (parents of Taylor), a gift.

We did it!!
Proud Parents

Now I’m staying at my Dads place, getting ready to head down the Grand Canyon for three weeks.

Dad’s House

While here, I’ve been able to sneak in a mountain bike ride

Galbraith mountain

And an amazing day of skiing…..in a cape, just for giggles.

Mt Baker
Apres ski

I’m off to the river Friday and will be out of communication for 21 days. Can’t wait.

One thought on “A good week

  1. Have a blast at the Grand Canyon. I’ll miss your posts for 3 weeks but, know you will have adventures to share when you get back.❤️


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