Triple play day

I woke up this morning in an adorable yurt near Sandpoint Idaho. After a press of coffee, it was still too early for skiing to be good, so I went for a run through the neighborhood. The growth in Sandpoint is stunning,

After my run, I packed up and headed to Schweitzer. The sun was beaming. Schweitzer is a huge area! I always confuse it with Whitefish, and just didn’t remember it so large. I skied until the snow was slushy and then headed back toward Chewelah.

Top of Schweitzer

The drive was lovely, mainly following Priest River. I had not driven this route before, which made it doubly fun.

The drive took me over a pass on Chewelah Mtn, which is the home of 49 degrees North. I couldn’t help but stop for a quick skin to the top and ski down.

Top of 49 degrees North if you look close, you can see Schweitzer in the background

It was the best run of the day! Nicely rounding out my Triple Play Day.

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