E-Bike Bliss

Friday, Cha Cha and I journeyed to Santa Fe (about 45 mintues south) to #1 get my skis fixed-Ugh-(I ran over a rock and put a huge gash in my base), and #2 to pick up an ebike rental for me.

Saturday, we shuttled cars in order to eliminate an 11 mile ride on a highway, and then rode 21 miles up and over Mesa Piedra near his house. It was a wild day up there! We saw bear scat everywhere, but unfortunately, no bears. There is no water. yet people are living in trailers, shacks and tents.

Heading up. Rio Grande in the background
Along the ride

We ended the ride in an arroyo riding through deep sand. No problem with an ebike!

Chat Cha’s house is the blue line with the arrow (not sure why those are showing up) and the red line is the ride.

Sunday, we drove up toward Taos, on the East side of the Rio Grande Rift and rode a 10 mile, all single track, flowing trail, with amazing views. The ride is called Rift Valley Trail.

Rift Valley Ride
Rio Grande
The views were stunning

There are few rift valleys in the world. I have been fortunate enough to visit two. Before I leave New Mexico, I am planning to go ride that area again. It was so so fun!

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