Skiing in New Mexico

This week, I focused on sliding on snow as much as possible. New Mexico has many options for skiing and I intend to slide down as many hills as I can find.

My first outing was to Enchanted Valley Nordic center. The drive was about two hours from Cha Cha’s house. The best part was visiting The Red River Valley. What a beautiful place. The Valley has high, rocky walls, and the road is dotted with these signs:

I actually saw one – it was walking on the shoulder of the highway.

Red River Valley is a mining town and an active downhill ski area/resort. The Nordic area was another five miles up the valley. While the ski area was well run, the day I went, the snow was thin and the grooming was a bit old. There are several yurts among the trails you can rent. I did a big loop, about eight miles worth, around the area. My goal for the day was to practice the skills I had learned in Ogden. Score!

View down the Red River Valley

On the way home, I stopped to check out a trail that follows the West rim of the Rio Grande. Wow! Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running! Beautiful!

Trail marker
The Rio Grande with some nice rock climbing in the foreground

Thursday was my designated downhill day. I have never skied at Taos. What a treat. Lift tickets are reasonable at $85 and buys you a LOT of vertical. The top is 12, 481′ with much of the mountain black diamond runs. So nice! The snow was marginal……some ice, some crust. I think the conditions are much better in Washington right now…….However, when there is new snow this mountain would be mind blowing. I tried to check out a variety of runs which included some hiking up, and some chuts off of the top peak, Kachina, some tree skiing, all were challenging and most importantly, fun!

The day started with sunshine and just a breeze. By 3pm, the snow was dumping and the wind was strong. Time for me to go. I might have to return for one more day, especially if they get a dump of snow.

Top of Kachina Peak
Hiking to catch a new run
Looking down the valley towar Taos (the town)

After skiing, there is nothing better than a soak in the hot tub. Cha Cha’s has a phenominal view. The perfect apres ski activity.

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