Made it to Moab

I got up early, and headed for Ogden. After a stop at Costco (who let me in an hour early because I’m old – thank you!) I headed out to Ogden Valley Nordic ski area. Wow, what a beautiful drive through a canyon!

I was heading there to get a two hour, private, skate ski lesson. Don was my instructor and he was awesome! He taught me SO MUCH in just two hours. The snow had not been groomed for over 12 hours and there was about 4-6 inches of new snow, not ideal conditions for skate skiing. That didn’t stop us. We forged ahead and I learned a lot about what I can do, and pratice, to become a MUCH better skate skier! After today’s lesson, I am on my way. Thank you Don!

Don, my ski instructor

After skiing, I headed toward Moab. I have really lucked out on the driving conditions. From Ogden to Moab the sun was out, the temperature was about 38, balmy, degrees and the pavement was dry. Easy traveling.

The road to Moab
Cool sky

Moab has sure changed a lot since I was last here about ten years ago. Corporate America has taken over. Every block has a chain hotel – or two. There are large grocery stores, and big gas stations. Of course. Every city in the USA looks like this. I hope it’s good for Moab. Downtown Moab has a store called Tumbleweed. Sweet!!

My playa name

I sure wish I had my mountain bike. I didn’t want to bother with it…..Oh well, I will just go for a trail run instead of a bike ride. All good.

Tomorrow I get to see Cha Cha and Linda. Whoot!!

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